Why do you choose Fossee for your meeting?

How are we?

Gerd en Etienne

Gerd recounts: More than 40 years ago I worked as a 'geographer in the making' in the fields of Lommel-Kolonie. Drilling samples from the Kempen sandy soil, supplemented with hours of coffee slurping with the farmers in the neighbourhood. In this way I got to know the municipality where I was born "from the ground up". In our search for a holiday home we ended up barely 25 km from where we now live. That unique view of the waterways was love at first sight.

Etienne complements:
In 2015, after two exciting and hectic years, the house with this view became the holiday home of our dreams. My intuition for shapes and colours was always a big hit for Gerd. The hundreds of comfortable and sleepless nights as a tour operator all over the world inspired us in the design of our own holiday home. And now - when there is a gap in the booking calendar - we come here to relax. But the best thing for us is to be able to share Fossee with you!